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Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)

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《Heads Of Cerberus (Isekai)》章節試讀:

Gideon took his time removing the hotdogs cover. Before biting down, he looked around the surroundings. He was perched on one of the wooden benches positioned throughout the schools garden. One of the few spots where he could eat his lunch without anyone bothering him.

Numerous green fences and various flowering plants were scattered over the gray concrete route. When several of the garden dwellers saw Gideon, they ran away in terror, and the area fell silent. But as it turned out, not everyone was afraid of him.

Gideon was about to bite into his hotdog when a girl with black hair approached him in silence. She was wearing the required attire for their school, a white sailor dress with a blue collar and a black skirt that ended at her knees. The girls three friends, meanwhile, were just standing there and worriedly observed her.

She looked down and held something as she hesitantly uttered, "Brangwen. "

Gideon lowered his hotdog and turned to face the girl. "Yes? Do you need anything? " He inquired calmly.

The girl set a pink envelope next to Gideon while still attempting to cover her flushed face. She said, "Uh, thats for you; please read it, " and ran off to join her friends, laughing around with them.

Gideons brows furrowed as he took the pink envelope in his hand. He held up his hotdog to take a bite, "This is the first time someone has sent me a letter... and in person? When did I get this popular? "

"Hunter, here you are! "

He overheard a soft but irate girls voice in front of him. In order to see who was calling him, Gideon opened his eyes. She found a sophisticated young woman with black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. Her innocent-looking but attractive face was matched by her snow-white skin, which was emphasized by her gem-like blue eyes. She put both hands on her hips, highlighting the well-proportioned, curvaceous physique he had. Her hips swung to the left. She was displaying an enchanting scene that would captivate anyones attention.

The entire school knew and admired the girl in front of him, and Gideons face lit up with recognition. Although Gideon had always recognized her, he had never had the chance to converse with her.

He cleared his throat and put his untouched hotdog down. "Millie... "

Millie walked up to him, flashing her phone at him, "Ive been looking for you! " Her lips pursed as she said, "What is this all about? "

He turned his attention to the phone after a brief moment of surprise. His pupils started to close up right away. It reads, "Lets break up, you are crazy, " Gideon touched his chin with his hand. "Wait, what kind of a jerk would end a relationship in such a terrible way? " When he looked up, Millie was staring down at him with furious eyes. "Fuck... " He switched his attention back to the phone and peered for the sender. "Yup. Thats definitely my phone number, " He used his palm to massage his brow.

"Why so abruptly, Hunter? You e just breaking up with me like that? Ive been very kind and understanding to you, and this is what Ill get? " Millie asked, her voice soft and elegant and full of tenderness.

Gideon put down his hotdog and stood up, scratching the back of his head. He turned to face Millie. "Look, Im not sure how to explain it without sounding stupid, but... " he exhaled. "I understand your pain right now, but honestly, I woke up this morning not knowing what the hell happened and what I did last week. Man, I don even remember that we dated, even though Im pretty sure that would be a great memory to cherish- if we would just ignore the You are crazy part of my text message. " He shrugged. "Perhaps I ate something I shouldn have... or used some kind of medicine- who knows what the ** it is, or I bumped my head against the wall in an uncomfortably awkward angle, " he shook his hands to convince Millie.

On the other hand, Millie gave him a skeptical expression. "What kind of an excuse is that? Are you expecting me to believe it? You didn even try; do you really think Im stupid? Well, let me tell you something, Mister Gideon Hunter Brangwen, if you still insist on breaking up with me, Ill tell the dean, who is my father; your father and my father would definitely love to have another conversation in the deans office. " With her arms crossed, she gave Gideon a confident expression and inquired, "Hmm, what do you think, Hunter? " She pulled a red leash out of her back. "But don worry, Ill be gentle and forgive you if you beg, just like last time, Ill have you pleading with me with a leash around your neck—a bespoke collar, of course. "

Gideon took a few seconds to look at the red leash before nodding. "Oh, wow, quite kinky last week, I see; you know what, you just made me realize something because of this incident, " he said as he walked back and picked up the pink envelope and his hotdog from the wooden chair. He screamed as he ran away from her, "Don mess with popular people! "

Gideon took a few seconds to inspect the crimson leash before nodding. "Oh, wow, quite kinky last week, I see; you know what, you just made me realize something because of this incident, " he said as he returned to the wooden chair and picked up the pink envelope and his hotdog. "Don mess with popular people! " he said as he hurried away from her.

"You can run from me forever, Hunter! " Millie yelled as she watched him flee. "Ill track you down to the ends of the earth! "

"My name is Gideon Brangwen, no Hunter! Just Gideon Brangwen! " He screamed back before turning to the intersection.

He continued to run for a while, making sure Millie wasn after him. He laid both hands on his knees, chasing the breath he was trying to catch. He turned to glance around and saw that most of the people were racing away from him. "Man, I guess Im attracting weird people. Did I just become a strange people magnet? First the gangsters of this school, and now that kinky girl. " Before eventually biting into his hotdog, he got to his feet and began to move.

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